Tórshavn (capital)

Seaweed diving in Gamla Hoyvík harbour


Drive out of Tórshavn towards Hvítanesvegin. Turn right towards Hoyvík and continue to the quay. There is parking close to the quay. This is a good dive to start off with. It is sheltered. There is water to rinse your equipment. Swells occur in easterly winds. There is a large seaweed forest with sand paths and large boulders. Spawning fish, crabs, snails, prawns and mussels are present in large numbers. Cuttlefish can sometimes be seen.

Depth: 1-15 metres.
Visibility: varies depending on the weather conditions, but is rarely less than 5 metres. Good for night diving.


100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)